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A new digital service for SFHA members – check your housing association’s digital maturity

A new digital maturity check-up tool has been created by SFHA, in partnership with SCVO. Complete the check-up to get a maturity index score, with a follow-up service, to help improve your score and share sector learning.

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Now more than ever, because of Covid-19, the need to have better digital capabilities has become a top priority for housing associations. It has become essential to be able to operate and complete the majority of services and processes, internally, for staff, and, externally, for tenants in a digital way.

SFHA wants to ensure our members can measure their maturity and quickly gain an understanding of what areas they may need to improve and how they can do it.

The Digital Check-up Tool for housing associations has been created as part of the SFHA Innovation and Future Thinking programme in partnership with SCVO to quantify and score the digital maturity of our sector, enabling SFHA as a membership body to help nurture and develop capabilities and identify needs moving forward.

To complete the check-up, click here to visit the dedicated website: >>> https://housing.digitalcheckup.org/ <<<

Anyone can complete the check-up – it doesn’t need to be a senior staff member, only someone with an interest in digital. It also won’t be detrimental to your organisation’s score if you are unsure about any answers, it will only help others in the organisation to have a better understanding of how different teams and individuals work within a digital setting.

What will your organisation get out of the check up tool?

By completing the check-up, each organisation will get a digital maturity matrix score and also receive a personalised follow-up service from Gary Dickson, SFHA Digital Lead, which will include advice and shared learning on the seven main strands of the maturity model which have been created specifically with housing associations in mind:

  1. Leadership, culture, and skills
  2. Tools and equipment
  3. Content and marketing
  4. Data management
  5. Cyber resilience and online threats
  6. Technology enabled care
  7. Your organisation’s size and priorities

SFHA aims that every member organisation will complete the check-up, so we have a complete picture of our sector, enabling us to produce and share a complete report with our membership in 2021.

The digital check-up has been designed to offer a range of additional benefits, including:

  • Matrix outcome score – identify strengths and weaknesses: Once you complete the check-up you get a matrix score to show where you may need to improve your business operations
  • Compare your results with other housing associations of the same size: The matrix score result also shows your score in comparison to other housing associations who have completed it
  • Compare your score with your colleagues: Some of the questions are subjective, which can be a good indicator internally to get different experiences or views when more than one member of staff completes it. It’s great intelligence to have about your digital progress
  • One to one follow-up: SFHA will be notified when you complete it and be able to check your score, then follow up with advice, resources, and potential networking opportunities to help you on your digital journey
  • Re-evaluate your score periodically: You can do the check-up again, anytime, for example in six months or when a new project is complete, and see how your score changes. You can then report back to your board
  • SFHAs digital offering: by completing the check-up it will allow SFHA to steer and shape its future digital work, so it adds to future value and learning opportunities
  • Member reports: SFHA will produce reports of accumulated data that will be shared with the membership, allowing a broader sense check for the sector and giving real intelligence on how we can all move forward together.

If you would like to find out any more information or ask any questions, please contact Gary Dickson, SFHA Digital Lead, directly by email: gdickson@sfha.co.uk

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