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Affordability Tool

Thanks to SFHA members who got in touch about the Affordability Tool. Zhan McIntyre gives some feedback.

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On Monday 9 April we circulated a request for SFHA Members to share their experience in relation to the SFHA Affordability Tool and Guide to Rent Setting.

Thanks to all the SFHA members who got in touch to share their experiences. Here is an overview of what they said.

  • Everyone who got in touch found it useful. They mentioned they had used it to test their rents and it was part of the evidence they used to talk to their boards and tenants.
  • A few people mentioned they had adapted it to make it more relevant to their local circumstances, which was great to hear.
  • Everyone asked about updates! 

I am really delighted to hear that SFHA members have used the tool and found it useful. We will take on board all the comments and feedback provided and we will explore the best way to get the data updated so that it continues to be a useful resource for members.