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Benefits of Membership: Microsoft Teams discussion channels

SFHA's new information campaign highlights the benefits of your membership. 

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SFHA has launched a new information campaign which highlights the benefits of your membership. We will be focusing on different aspects in order to help you, your staff and committee or board to access our full range of member benefits.

Member Teams channels  

SFHA has several online discussion channels for staff and board and committee members that focus on different business areas and job roles.  

Members can join any of these Microsoft Teams channels and share best practice with their peers from across Scotland, discuss ideas and ask questions. 

SFHA staff also use these channels to share updates and guidance and to answer questions.  

Covid-19 forums: 

These forums allow members to discuss issues related to the pandemic. 

  • General (for any topic not covered by the specific business area Covid-19 forums) 
  • Care and support 
  • Service delivery 
  • Health and safety 
  • Welfare 

Role-specific forum spaces: 

These forums allow members to discuss any issue that is relevant to their job role.  

  • Property repairs and asset management 
  • Development  
  • Procurement 
  • Technology Enabled Care in Housing (TECH) 
  • Housing management 
  • Finance  

Innovation and Future Thinking: 

  • Good practice and ideas 

This channel allows members with an interest in innovation, creative thinking and collaboration to share ideas, take part in discussions, and learn from each other about new ways of working and adapting services. 

How to join: 

If you would like to be join any of our Teams channels, please contact enquiries@sfha.co.uk 

Benefits of Membership series:

You can view previous topics in our Benefits of Membership series via the links below: 

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