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Careers in housing: Liam McGuckin, Eildon Housing Association

Liam McGuckin, Sustainability Co-ordinator at Eildon Housing Association shares his journey into a career in housing. 

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My name is Liam McGuckin, and this is my journey into the housing sector.

I have had an eclectic career path to date! I worked as a farmhand in Queensland Australia, I led volcano treks in Guatemala, and I interned with a sustainable tourism NGO in Kerala, India.

But I began my career with a degree in Psychology. I was sure that I wanted to work in a role that focused on improving people’s well-being.

Eventually, I would find myself back at university, this time, studying an MSc in Environmental Sustainability. I recognised a desire within myself to focus not only on the individual, but on society and the wider environment.

I finished my degree and worked within the private sector. I worked in the travel industry, satisfying my environmental edge but not quite satisfying my desire to help others.

After one year in the private sector, I left for my current role as a Sustainability Co-ordinator at Eildon Housing Association.

My day as a Sustainability Co-ordinator is diverse - it is why I love it. I work on a range of issues from calculating carbon emissions to addressing fuel poverty.

My favourite aspect of my work is its variety. I can be working with tenants one day on home energy issues and the next day delivering a presentation to local authorities on the praxis of Sustainability.

My advice for anyone starting their career is clichéd. But it still stands – find out what motivates you. A long and rewarding career requires passion. For me, that is working to improve people’s well-being and tackling the climate crisis.

From here, I recommend that you open yourself up to as many new opportunities as you can. There are no failures, only new experiences. This will inform you about what fills your belly with energy, and what saps it.

Finally, as you edge closer to a potential role, sector, or industry, reach out to those already doing the type of work you like. It is important to start speaking with those people who can help hone your direction and skills.

Otherwise, remain curious and continue to learn and professionally develop.

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