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Five Asks Campaign on Universal Credit gains momentum in press

The Five Asks Campaign launched by the UK's four housing federations has been covered by numerous national, local and housing sector news outlets demonstrating strong support.

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Yesterday 10 July the SFHA, along with National Federation of Housing (NFH), Community Housing Cymru (CHC) and the Northern Irish Federation of Housing Associations (NIFHA), launched the Five Asks Campaign which has called on the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to pause its rolllout of the 'flawed' Universal Credit system.

The campaign has gained traction within the media and was covered widely in yesterday's press including articles in The Independent, The Herald, The Scotsman and The Evening News.  SFHA Head of Public Affairs Sarah Boyak was also interviewed by both the BBC and ITV's breakfast radio programmes along with Scottish radio stations Central FM and Kingdom FM.

The Five Asks Campaign was also reported on by a number of established industry platforms including 24 Housing, Third Force News, Inside Housing and Scottish Housing News.

It is hoped that this momentum will continue to build and that it will ultimately result in the DWP acknowledging the debt and hardship being caused by the Universal Credit system.

To read more about the detrimental impact of Universal Credit and the subsuquent purpose of the Five Asks Campaign click here.

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