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Forthcoming energy consultations

An overview of current energy consultations.

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Default energy tariffs for households: call for evidence

Deadline: Monday 22 April 2024

The UK Government has opened a call for evidence focused on default energy tariffs – the deals that consumers move onto once a contract expires or if they have yet to proactively choose a tariff. With fewer competitive tariffs available, and with many tenants not equipped to engage with the retail energy market, it is crucial that default tariffs are safe and fair.

This call for evidence invites views on how the type and price of default tariffs may evolve, with questions around protecting consumers from unnecessary complexity and costs, price levels, and the role of low carbon technologies. Further details can be found at Default energy tariffs for households: call for evidence - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) Please contact eharji@sfha.co.uk to discuss further.

Review of electricity market arrangements (REMA): second consultation

Deadline: Tuesday 7 May 2024

The UK Government has opened its second consultation on REMA, which seeks views on a narrowed range of options for a reformed electricity market framework. This follows the first REMA consultation that was held in 2022 and concerns that the current market will not deliver the secure, clean, low-cost electricity system needed,

The consultation asks questions around four key challenges facing the electricity markets:

  • Passing through the value of a renewables-based system to consumers
  • Investing to create a renewables-based system at pace
  • Transitioning away from an unabated gas-based system to a flexible, resilient, decarbonised electricity system
  • Operating and optimizing a renewables-based system, cost-effectively

Further details can be found at Review of electricity market arrangements (REMA): second consultation - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) Please contact eharji@sfha.co.uk to discuss further.

Future Price Protection Discussion Paper

Deadline: Monday 6 May 2024

Ofgem has published a discussion paper on the price protection in the future retail market, with a focus on the energy price cap and the question of whether there are alternatives that would better protect consumers.

The discussion paper asks questions around whether a flat, universal, stringent price cap can be retained in light of changing consumption patterns and an anticipated increase in time of use tariffs. Further questions address the need for price protections, including for vulnerable consumers, and the use of market-wide half-hourly settlements (MHHS). Further details can be found at Future Price Protection Discussion Paper | Ofgem Please contact eharji@sfha.co.uk to discuss further. 

Affordability and debt in the domestic retail market – Call for Input

Deadline: Monday 13 May 2024

Ofgem has opened a new call for input focused on the lasting impact the global energy crisis has had on energy affordability and debt.

The call for input asks for views on the key drivers of energy affordability challenges and how these can be tackled; to what extent energy debt is a problem and its impact on consumers; and lessons that can be learnt from other sectors. This call for input provides a clear opportunity to make the case for the introduction of a social tariff for energy to support tenants. Further details can be found at Affordability and debt in the domestic retail market – a Call for Input | Ofgem Please contact eharji@sfha.co.uk to share any views.

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