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How can you unlock the power of information to better manage your existing stock?

Innovation and Future Thinking project’s Digital Asset Management Team gives an update on its work.  

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At SFHA’s recent Property Repairs and Asset Management Conference, the Innovation and Future Thinking project’s Digital Asset Management Team updated delegates on its work that looks at how data can be used successfully to manage assets.  

Cairn Housing Association, Scottish Borders Housing Association and Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association illustrated the journey they have been on by sharing data mapping of the systems they use to store information and the areas of work this is used for. 

Although the individual organisations are at varying stages in their journeys and take different approaches to data management, the team highlighted a common issue in that they use different systems to manage different datasets. The issue this causes is that the systems do not talk to each other, resulting in duplication and other inefficiencies. 

The team are dedicated to working together to come up with a collaborative solution to this issue – for not only their individual organisations but the sector as a whole. Given the packed room at the conference workshop, it’s clear that this is something that is of interest to multiple SFHA members.  

It was great that several members signed up on the day to find out more about becoming part of the team. However, there’s still room for more – and we’d love to hear from more members who would like to get involved. 

As a starter for 10, here are some questions we want to ask you: 

  • How do you successfully use data? 
  • What challenges do you face? 
  • How do you get a 360 view of your assets? 
  • What ‘workarounds’ do you have to make things work? 

If you are interested in being a part of the Digital Asset Management team, please contact innovation@sfha.co.uk

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