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Invu adds intelligent link sharing to its Document Management solution

Invu, which recently exhibited at SFHA's Finance Conference has added a new functionality to its Document Management solution. 

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Invu has launched an intelligent link sharing solution that enables companies and customers to access highly sensitive data and documents, with full control and GDPR compliance.

The new link sharing addition to their latest version of Document Management solution, makes it easy for employees to share, store and access documents, saving valuable time and retaining full control of important correspondence that could be crucial to business operations.

Many businesses struggle to share sensitive data externally, leading to potential GDPR breaches, fines and reputational damage. Indeed, almost two-thirds of employees (65%) say they’ve sent an email to the wrong person - with everything from confidential figures to legal documents going astray.

Invu Finance Director and General Manager Ian Smith said: “Emails tend to be misused as a sharing solution to send sensitive customer, client or company information - which is not their intended use. We have all accidentally sent the wrong message to the wrong person at some point, which could be as minor as a simple spelling error or as detrimental as a data breach. But what happens when you send an important email and it lands in the wrong person's inbox?”

The Invu Link Sharing functionality works to ensure all documents are shared in a GDPR compliant environment, allowing business full control over the distribution and audibility of documents. When sharing a link, Invu’s solution means access can be revoked at any time, should the data have fallen into the wrong hands. There is full traceability of documents, enabling business to see if the link has been opened, specifically who opened it and what files have been sent out.

Mr Smith continued: “The short, and probably disappointing, answer is once an email has been sent, it cannot be 'unsent.' We wanted to create a solution that allowed companies complete control to share files securely and easily. The link sharing function allows instant access to business critical files, even after the email has been sent you still have the ability to revoke access and know exactly who has received and opened the link.”

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