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Join SFHA for Sleep in the Park – Blog by Janine Mckenna

SFHA encourage you to sign up a team for Sleep in the Park - a mass participation sleep out to tackle homelessness in Scotland. 

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SFHA encourage you to sign up a team for Sleep in the Park - a mass participation sleep out to tackle homelessness in Scotland. This year the event is taking place in 4 cities on one night - Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen - on Saturday 8th December.

The mission of the event is to build on last year's momentum and help to build a movement to eradicate homelessness in Scotland.

You will be joined by some of Scotland's biggest artists to sleep out in the cold for one night. You can see a video from last year's event here, to give you an idea of what an incredible night it was.

This year Social Bite have invited some amazing musicians to “busk” stripped back acoustics sets.  Playing at the event will be: Amy Macdonald, KT Tunstall,  Lulu, Frightened Rabbit, Kyle Falconer, Eddi Reader and many more. Sir Chris Hoy will be sleeping out in one of the cities and Trainspotting Author Irvine Welsh will be doing a bedtime story!

The money raised will help bring over 800 people out of homelessness across Scotland - through a "Housing First" program involving many of Scotland's housing associations.

How you can register

Just go to www.sleepinthepark.co.uk/sign-up to sign up. The website is:  https://www.sleepinthepark.co.uk/

Thank you in advance for your support to tackle homelessness in Scotland.

Sarah Boyack, SFHA’s Head of Public Affairs took part in the Sleep Out last year as part of a team from SFHA. Here’s what she has to say:

“Last year I joined the sleep out with colleagues from SFHA and many of our members.  We were lucky. There were pizza and coffee huts, we had brought warm sleeping bags and waterproof mattresses. We were also treated to a range of fantastic performances before we attempted to sleep.

There was no rain, we were safe and it was only for one night. We helped raise significant donations for charities helping to tackle homelessness and helped push the need to eradicate homelessness up the political agenda.  But more than that, the coverage of the event reached the general public and hopefully made people more aware of the need for affordable housing and increased understanding of the causes behind homelessness.

This year with four Sleepouts there’s a chance for many more people to get involved and show their support.  Since last year there there will also be a chance to focus on the work SFHA members do day in day out to sustain people’s tenancies and offer homes for people who’ve been homeless.  And crucially its also a chance to focus on what more needs to be done and the need to invest not just in the homes that are needed but the support to enable people to sustain their tenancies.”

I hope you’ve been inspired to sign up and take part this year! If so, please do email us and let us know. We will promote member’s fundraising pages through Twitter and Housing Scotland Today.

Good luck!

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