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Measuring social impact

In his blog post, Michael McLaughlin discusses the updates to the SFHA Social Value Toolkit. 

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By Michael McLaughlin, HACT Digital Lead/SFHA Social Insight Lead

We are delighted to re-launch our newly updated SFHA Social Value Toolkit to help housing associations and co-operatives to measure and increase the social value they create in the communities in which they operate.

Following the SFHA commissioned report on the economic, social, and health and wellbeing impacts of social housing, our original version was launched last year after recommendations to further develop an understanding of social value as an approach to measuring impact locally for social housing organisations:

The updated release also includes resources looking closer to sustainability and the link between the social value model and ESG reporting, alongside wider placemaking indicators.


To celebrate the completion of our Social Insight project which we have run for the past 24 months, our webinar on Friday 3rd December, unpicked some of the key outputs and resources we have provided to SFHA members.

Endorsing a wellbeing approach to measuring the impact of social housing organisations, this session gave an overview of the newly updated Toolkit, where we will use case study examples of members demonstrating their social value.

We discussed the drivers behind this and how your organisation can use this moving forward.

We also looked at the link between the HACT social value model and ESG reporting and set some next steps for the sector in order to better use and understand the social purpose of housing associations.

We would also encourage you to fill in a very short survey to help us evaluate the work we have created in this project. 

For more information about this work, or to discuss ways in which you could imbed social value across your operations, please contact mmclaughlin@sfha.co.uk.

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