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Ofgem publishes details of energy suppliers that need to provide additional protections to restricted meter customers

By Cassandra Dove, SFHA Research and Policy Lead.

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Following responses to last year’s consultation on extending the protections for electricity consumers with restricted meters, Ofgem will now be producing a quarterly publication of energy suppliers that have over 50,000 customers and are therefore obligated to provide additional protections to these customers.

The need for a published list of obligated suppliers was raised in SFHA’s response to the consultation and was a key ask from members in the Highlands and islands, where restricted meters are particularly common.

It is anticipated that the quarterly updates will provide greater transparency around which suppliers are required to offer single rate term to credit metered customers with non-E7 restricted meters. This information should also help those who provide energy advice services to better advise clients about their options and signpost them towards suppliers who offer suitable tariffs.  

Further information and the full list of suppliers can be found here:

Suppliers with over 50,000 electricity customers who need to provide additional protections to consumers with restricted meters | Ofgem


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