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One week left to complete: Short survey on climate change and sustainability work

SFHA members are being asked to complete a short five-question multiple-choice survey on their climate change and sustainability work, including development methods. 

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Ahead of COP26, SFHA would like to learn more about your climate change and sustainability activities, including development methods that you’re using.

We have created a quick multiple-choice survey and are inviting all members to complete it. It should take less than five minutes and will remain open until Thursday 4 November 2021.

Results will be reported anonymously and will be shared on our website and featured in our COP26-related media activity that will focus on our members’ work. 

Many thanks to everyone who has already completed it. If you haven't, there's still a week left to do so.
Some members have started the survey, but not finished it, and we'd be really grateful if those who have partially completed it would be able to go back to it and complete all of the questions (your answers so far will have been saved). This is really important, so we have data that we can use. The survey is very short, only four questions long, each multiple choice, and there should be an answer that applies to every organisation.

If you’re not the most appropriate person at your organisation to complete the survey, please send the link below to a colleague.

If you have any questions or comments on the survey, please contact Cassandra Dove, SFHA Research and Policy Lead, at cdove@sfha.co.uk

You can complete the survey via the link below:

Many thanks in advance for your support.

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