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Pitch your Workshop Week: NHS Scotland, Scottish Mentoring Network & Kingdom Housing Association

NHS Scotland, the Scottish Mentoring Network & Kingdom HA pitch ideas for workshops at SFHA Annual Conference

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RSLs, Public and Third Sector organisations were given the opportunity to pitch for a workshop slot at this year’s Housing Scotland Annual Conference. Each day this week we will feature a selection of the workshops in HST. On Friday, once all workshops have been announced, voting will open and delegates will be asked to vote for four workshops they want to see at the conference using our interactive platform Slido.

Details of how to vote will be announced on Friday and voting will close the following week on Wednesday 15 May so make sure you get your votes in!

Today’s featured workshops are:

Pitch 1: Transforming our Communities - Using the Place Standard Tool by NHS Scotland

The workshop will provide a brief summary of place and health, before an introduction to the Place Standard and the role it can play in transforming our communities across Scotland. Examples of how the tool has been used by housing associations will be provided, before a discussion with workshop attendees exploring the opportunities and barriers in using the Place Standard in their work.

Pitch 2: Mentoring: What's the Point? By Scottish Mentoring Network

Because mentoring works!

High quality mentoring has the potential to:

  • Increase board member retention, add value to induction programmes and encourage diversity in board recruitment
  • Aid succession planning by supporting staff development, support returns to work and encourage equality in the workplace
  • improve tenancy sustainment for vulnerable or disadvantaged tenants and encourage community integration

Find out how to run a successful mentoring project within your organisation and how Scottish Mentoring Network can help. Mentoring can work for you!

Pitch 3: Using Employment to Tackle Homelessness by Kingdom Housing Association

Kingdom Housing Association is utilising employment in two pioneering ways to help tackle homelessness.

Kingdom launched a guaranteed shortlisting scheme for people who are homeless or have recently experienced homelessness. If someone applies for a role they meet the essential criteria for and have been registered homeless in the past 12 months, we guarantee to take them to the next stage of selection.

Secondly, the Naumann Initiative – an innovative approach that builds on the underlying premise of Housing First by adding the increased structure and financial security that comes with employment. The concept of the Naumann Initiative is to simultaneously give a homeless person a job, a tenancy and support with any complex needs/barriers to sustaining their tenancy.

You can view the full list of workshops here.

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