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Scottish Housing Regulator welcomes the SFHA’s new Guide to Rent Setting and Affordability

SHR says SFHA publication is a “valuable contribution” to national conversation on rent and affordability. 

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The Scottish Housing Regulator has welcomed a new Guide to Rent Setting and Affordability published by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA).

Speaking at the SFHA launch event last Wednesday, Ian Brennan, Director of Regulation (Finance and Risk), said:

“How much rent tenants pay is one of the most important conversations a landlord will have with its tenants. Landlords need to consider tenants’ ability to keep paying their rent over the longer term.

“Our national thematic inquiry on rent consultation highlighted the need for landlords to consult with tenants about the rent they charge.

“The SFHA’s new publication is a valuable contribution to the national conversation on rent and affordability.”

The regulator’s national inquiry report on how social landlords consult on rent increases is available on its website at www.scottishhousingregulator.gov.uk

To download the guide click here: Guide to Rent Setting and Affordability

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