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Secure’s energy solutions: Leading the way to a more sustainable future

In its blog, SFHA Associate Secure talks us through some of its energy solutions. 

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Secure is a multi-national corporation committed to providing revenue management, power quality and energy efficiency to its customers and communities, enabling them to save money, reduce energy consumption and facilitate comfortable living. We employ 6500 people worldwide, with offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UAE. Our products are deployed in more than 60 countries with the highest data security and customer service standards.

With a culture of innovation and foresight, coupled with a commitment to customer relationships, we have built a strong foundation for our business.

Today, we are more than a metering company and have expanded our expertise across the entire energy supply chain, from electricity, gas, water, and heat generation to final consumption, adding value at every point. Furthermore, we offer metering, billing and collection for electricity and gas, monitor energy efficiency, provide older care products, and many other solutions and services.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, stringent quality practices like the Shanin technique, zero-defect production line, and 30-minute smart meter installation have all improved our product quality and reliability. Our commitment to quality is so strong that we have been able to offer a 10-year no-quibble warranty on most of our products sold across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Every day we are inspired and motivated to give our best efforts because we believe there is a better way to do things and that a business should endure for generations.

Our products

We have a range of different products, such as:


The C1727 is a 2-channel smart programmer that can control heat pumps, combi, and system boilers. It can also control a single or double heating zone, or heating and a stored hot water system. Out of the box it is Bluetooth and app enabled and has the option of a plug in Wi-Fi adaptor for complete smart control.


The H3747 is a smart wireless programmable thermostat and receiver capable of managing up to four zones, ideal for systems requiring separate control of heating and hot water or multiple heating zones. It supports combi or system boilers and offers wireless connectivity out of the box, with app control for easy adjustments. An optional Wi-Fi adaptor enables full control from outside the home, making it a versatile upgrade from traditional wired controls, with easy installation using a standard 9-pin backplate and minimal wiring changes.


The E7+ is an advanced smart hot water programmer designed for optimising the use of off-peak electricity tariffs. It allows for separate programming of up to two 3kW immersion heaters, ensuring a full tank of hot water as needed. With Bluetooth connectivity for local control and an optional Wi-Fi adaptor for remote access, the E7+ integrates with the Secure app for comprehensive energy management and savings.

Radbot 1

Radbot 1 is the next generation of intelligent heating controls. It works by monitoring changes in light and humidity. It uses this information to build a pattern of occupancy to then heat a room if you are in it, and automatically lower the temperature if the room is vacant, saving money and energy. No need for apps, smart thermostats, or the setting of complex schedules. Simply install, set, and forget.

Simplicity sits at the heart of our range of smart capable controls, offering the latest energy saving features whilst remaining simple to install and use. We designed the range to be adaptable according to your needs. Customise without compromising on quality or efficiency and use at whatever level of smart suits you.

If you would like to make an order or talk with us about some of our products, please email us at sales_uk@securemeters.com, or call us on 01962 840048. If you would like to sign up for our newsletter, please click here.

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