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SFHA and Smart Energy GB launch new campaign to help members support older, offline tenants with smart meters

SFHA has been working with Smart Energy GB to promote the roll out of smart meters across Scotland. 

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SFHA has been working with Smart Energy GB to promote the rollout of smart meters across Scotland. We’re now entering the next phase of this partnership to ensure we’re helping everyone to understand the benefits smart meters can bring.

Many of you will have seen the recent Gaz and Leccy TV advertisements. Audience research shows that people over 65, who are offline, are much less likely to engage with the campaign. This may include many of your older tenants. We want to work with you to ensure the campaign reaches them, allowing them to build confidence in this new technology and understand the benefits of smart meters.

To help you reach these tenants, Smart Energy GB has a range of specialist resources for you to download and use, including leaflets, demonstrations, and posters. The images above are representative of the materials available for members to order or download. 

The materials include key messages and benefits for people aged 65 and over without personal internet access. Some of these can also be ordered by visiting Smart Energy GB's Resource centre and you can use the materials in your face-to-face engagement or distribute directly to households who are likely to be offline.

For more information on this campaign, or ideas on how to engage with your older tenants, please get in touch with Conor Hill, SFHA Business Services Assistant, at chill@sfha.co.uk or 0141 332 8113.

You can also find more information and resources on the smart meter rollout on our website.