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SFHA appeals for tenant case studies for film to show positive work of members

Film to highlight benefits of social housing and impact on tenants’ lives.

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The SFHA is creating a film to be shown at its Annual Conference (12 and 13 June) that will highlight the benefits of social housing as well as the work of housing associations and co-operatives, and the positive impact this has on the people that matter the most – tenants.

The federation is appealing for tenants to appear in the video to speak about their own positive experiences. The video is currently still in the planning stage, but SFHA would like to feature tenant stories that cover the following areas:

  • Health and social care
  • New, good quality, affordable, energy efficient homes
  • Tenant voice/involvement regarding governance and local community
  • Youth – apprentices and youth employment
  • Social security – e.g., tenants that have benefited from welfare rights advice
  • Family

If you have any tenants that would like to be considered for the video, please send details of the category that the case study covers, location and a brief description of the tenant’s experience to Diane Cooper, SFHA Head of Business Development dcooper@sfha.co.uk

Please note that, in order to appear in the video, tenants would need to agree to all uses of the video, including:

  • The video being shown to delegates at SFHA Annual Conference
  • The video being uploaded to SFHA website
  • A link to the video being included in an SFHA press release
  • The video being shared on Facebook and Twitter
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