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SFHA Development and Procurement Conference Sponsors’ Week: STA

Focus on SFHA Development and Procurement Conference Sponsors

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The SFHA is exceptionally grateful for the generous and continuous support provided by its sponsors.

In the run up to the federation’s Development and Procurement Conference, which is taking place on 7 and 8 February, the SFHA will be focusing on a different sponsor in Housing Scotland Today.

Today’s sponsor is Structural Timber Association (STA).

The STA is one of the country’s leading timber organisations. It represents a wide membership across the UK of over 400 businesses and those involved in construction using engineered timber.

The STA leads the industry on quality, health and safety, education, technical knowledge, and customer service. The STA's activities include seminars, factory tours, research, provision of information, networking, advocacy, and discussion.

Andrew Carpenter, Chief Executive, STA, said:

“On behalf of our members, I would advocate a collaborative culture by early stage involvement of structural frame providers. Engagement of the supply chain at the initial design and construction phase will add value and expertise at the onset of the project, ensuring the seamless integration of teams and the structural solution.”

For more information about the STA go to www.structuraltimber.co.uk

To book your place at the conference, visit the ‘what’s on’ section of the SFHA website.


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