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SFHA Engagement Conference speaker interview: Dr Louise Sheridan

Dr Louise Sheridan from University of Glasgow will join us at our virtual Engagement Conference on 7 September. We chatted with Dr Louise ahead of the event to learn more about how we can better engage with young people. 

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What will you be discussing during the conference and why is it an important issue? I’ll be discussing the importance of creating and enabling a positive space in which to meaningfully engage young people. Without this, engagement activities can be tokenistic and disengaging.

What role can the housing sector play in helping to ensure Scotland is the best place to be young and grow up? The housing sector can play a major role in meaningful place-making. By involving young people in the process, they can help to build communities in which young people feel safe, welcome and can thrive.

What can housing associations and co-operatives s do to ensure better engagement with young people? Appointing skilled youth workers as core members of staff in all associations and co-operatives would be a great way to ensure better engagement. They can use their skills and experience to get to know and engage with young people, supporting them to influence policy and design positive community spaces.

SFHA Engagement Conference

7 September, Virtual Conference

Dr Louise will be speaking during the 'Today's youth, tomorrow's customers: The how's and why's of youth engagement' session at our virtual Engagement Conference on 7 September. 

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