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SFHA Guidance on FCA Authorisation now available

In February 2014 SFHA published a Briefing Paper on the likely effect of changes to consumer credit legislation which was due to come into force on 1 April 2014.

The briefing paper is available to view or download at the bottom of this article.


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1.  a number of RSLs (and in other parts of the United Kingdom Registered Providers) have applied for, and in many cases obtained, authorisation under the new procedures
2.  there have been further changes to the legislation
3.  discussions have taken place with FCA and also National Housing Federation on certain key issues particularly in relation to time to pay

As a result, consumer credit has been subsumed into the wider area of “financial services legislation”, so SFHA commissioned TC Young to broaden the scope of its previous briefing to consider other areas where financial services impact on the sector.

Specifically, this briefing considers the following:
1.    Background to Consumer Credit and Financial Services Legislation 
2.    Activities where RSLs and/or their subsidiaries may Require FCA authorisation 
3.    Key issues in obtaining authorisation 

The full briefing is available to all SFHA members HERE

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