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SFHA responds to Scottish Government's Programme for Scotland

SFHA Head of Public Affairs emphasises the need for continued investment in affordable housing.

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Following the announcement of the Scottish Government’s Programme for Scotland 2018/19 on Tuesday 4 September 2018, SFHA has welcomed discussion on the need for wider, longer-term investment in affordable housing.

Commenting on the Programme, Sarah Boyack, SFHA Head of Public Affairs, said:

“We’re half way through the term of this Scottish Parliament, and while the headline investment in 50,000 homes is crucial to deliver on housing needs, it’s important we don’t forget about investing in existing homes too.

“Our recent evidence of progress on the 50,000 homes target shows that we need more accessible housing, and that there is still a huge demand for affordable, quality housing across the country.

“SFHA therefore welcomes the reference to the need for discussions on continued investment in affordable housing post-2021.”

“In the months ahead, SFHA will continue making the case for long-term investment in affordable housing by demonstrating the added value our members provide. This is not only to their tenants but also to the wider community, benefiting the wider economy and providing vital employment opportunities.”

While the Programme does not propose any new legislation with a direct impact on social housing, SFHA will focus on relevant legislative changes which will be discussed by the Scottish Parliament this autumn, emphasising the need for continued engagement with the wider social housing sector to inform legislation.

Sarah explains:

“SFHA is keen that legislation on planning, fuel poverty, and fire safety is informed by the experiences of housing associations and tenants.

“We also need to see better support for tenants, through mitigating the impact of welfare changes; supporting people to sustain their tenancies; and investment in adaptations that will help maintain their health and well-being.”

Sarah’s full response to the 2018/19 Programme for Government is available to read on the SFHA website.

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