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SFHA staff endure sub zero temperatures to help eradicate homelessness

SFHA staff and board members sleep out to raise funds and awareness of homelessness.

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A dedicated SFHA team took part in Sleep in the Park at the weekend in order to raise funds to support homeless people. 

The team, made up of SFHA staff members Diane Cooper, Sarah Boyack and Shona Mitchell and board members Jason McGilp and Teresa McNally, slept underneath the stars as temperatures plummeted at the weekend.

 Head of Business Development Diane Cooper said:

“Wow, what a thought provoking  and freezing night at Sleep in the Park –  it certainly makes you think, especially as it was a long cold night with temperatures dipping to -6 degrees.

"I was very proud to see so much support from SFHA members Kingdom, Berwickshire, Cairn, Elderpark, Blue Triangle, Fairfield and Wheatley Group.

"Let's continue to champion this movement – not only did we raise money to support people experiencing homelessness, but the event did a great deal to raise awareness of the problem of homelessness and the need to address it.”