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SFHA supports Social Economy Pledge

The pledge aims to raise awareness of the social economy among election candidates and political parties.


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As part of a campaign co-ordinated by Social Enterprise Scotland, SFHA has joined a coalition of organisations that have come together to invite candidates in the May 2021 Scottish Parliament election to sign up to the #SocialEconomyPledge.

The pledge

Scotland’s social economy is made up of a diverse mix of innovative community organisations. They form part of the movement for an inclusive, wellbeing economy.

From charities to social enterprises, co-operatives, CICs, development trusts, social housing providers, voluntary groups and more, they empower excluded people, regenerate communities and drive our economy.

During the pandemic lockdown, these people and organisations have demonstrated huge creativity and flexibility – stepping up and leading the way in local communities in every part of Scotland.

Their role in building a new, inclusive economy is vital to Scotland’s success. A genuine wellbeing economy can only be achieved where these organisations are at the heart of social renewal and recovery.

We’re an alliance of leading membership and support bodies who passionately believe in the power of these organisations to drive post-lockdown change. We’re urging every political party and election candidate to pledge to champion the third sector and its role in Scotland’s future:

People: To recognise the vital role of charities, social enterprises and community groups in supporting and empowering the most excluded and at-risk in society.
Economy: To appreciate the importance of these community groups in building local economies, providing jobs, trading goods and services and regenerating neighbourhoods.
Place: To recognise that the best solutions to society’s challenges are often found at a local level and decisions are best made at a local level whenever possible.
Big picture: To understand that a wellbeing economy, community wealth building and a green recovery can only be achieved with these organisations leading the way.
Policy: To support policies that lead to the growth, success and sustainability of charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups.
Collaboration: To support a continued partnership approach between government, charities, social enterprises and other sectors.

Sign the pledge

If you are a candidate for the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, please contact  Duncan Thorp or Susan Smith from your party/campaign email address with the name of the constituency or electoral region you are standing in.

If your organisation would like to lend support to the pledge, please contact susan.smith@scvo.scot

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