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SFHA to participate in European Community for Housing Equality

SFHA will join the European Community for Housing Equality (ECHE).

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SFHA will join the European Community for Housing Equality (ECHE), a new Horizon Europe funded network bringing together housing policymakers, practitioners, and households from across Europe to analyse the challenges we jointly face and create policy tools.

The ECHE is a first-of-its-kind multi-stakeholder and pan-European initiative on housing. It describes its purpose as collaborating across borders we can speed up the transmission and replication of emerging housing solutions, in recognition of the fact that challenges being faced in one country are unlikely to be unique.

The programme will be guided by 12 workstreams, including research & policy innovation in the following topic areas:

  • interrelationships between income, wealth and housing inequalities
  • financial routes to reducing housing inequity and making housing more affordable
  • tackling inequalities among refugees, migrants, and marginalised groups
  • energy markets and energy poverty
  • socially innovative & community-led solutions
  • links between labour markets and housing inequalities
  • supply chain analysis

Network activities involve research and analysis on the causes of housing inequalities led by EqualHouse, development of policy tools to help tackle challenges, and stakeholder workshops.  Intended outputs of the collaboration include a new housing inequality database, research publications, and a series of webinars, policy briefs, and similar resources. SFHA will join as a representative stakeholder on behalf of our membership and the sector, but will keep members updated of any relevant opportunities to participate in the network and benefit from resultant learnings.

The network is due to launch virtually later this month June 2024 and is scheduled to run until 2027.

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