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TECH in conversation with Angela Currie, Blackwood Homes and Care

Graeme Hamilton, TEC in Housing (TECH) Engagement Officer, speaks to housing providers about why they have signed up to the TECH Charter.

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Over the next few months, Graeme Hamilton, TEC in Housing (TECH) Engagement Officer, will be speaking to various housing providers who have signed up to the TECH Charter to find out why they signed up, what they are doing and why your organisation should consider signing up – if you haven’t already.

This time Graeme is in conversation with Angela Currie of Blackwood Homes and Care.

Find out more about/sign up to TECH Charter  

If you would like more information, or a chat about the TECH Charter pledges, please contact Geraldine Begg gbegg@sfha.co.uk or Graeme Hamilton graeme.hamilton1@ntlworld.com

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