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The Challenges of Maintaining Mixed Tenure Homes

The issue of repairs and quality standards in housing.

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The issue of repairs and quality standards in housing has come up a lot recently. Whether it’s social landlords highlighting the difficulty of meeting energy efficiency standards or owners in tenements struggling to get agreement from other owners to roof repairs, it’s becoming a bigger issue as our traditional tenements age.  .

At the most basic level, owners might struggle to get agreement and payment for roof repairs. Some social landlords are selectively selling flats where they are the minority owner in a stair and struggle to meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS), as they can’t get consent to improvements from other owners.

This year’s SFHA Property Repairs & Asset Management conference on 4 and 5 October will focus on this issue.  Delegates will hear from building expert Professor Sean Smith of Edinburgh Napier University and from Eddie Warde of Glasgow City Council, who have undertaken research into the challenges posed in maintaining and improving Victorian tenements in the city.

If we can crack the problem of how to maintain and manage mixed tenure tenements then there will be significant benefits including

  • increasing energy efficiency to tackle fuel poverty and meet our ambitious climate change targets
  • maintaining the homes that many of us live in and preventing disrepair
  • protecting owners’ assets
  • protecting our built heritage
  • promoting safe, secure buildings free from damp
  • creating jobs and investment   

The session will not only look at the challenges but offer potential solutions and provide an opportunity for delegates to ask questions and contribute to the debate.

Come along to the conference and hear about the latest approaches and strategies to shape the future of asset management and provide practical advice on managing and maintaining your properties.

Whether you’re attending for the day or as a residential delegate there are special deals including book two residential places and get a third place FREE. Visit the SFHA Events Page at www.sfha.co.uk/whatson to book your place.