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What's on: SFHA training and webinar schedule

SFHA webinars to support your learning and professional development. 

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Online seminar: Preventing Homelessness, Averting Evictions – Enhanced Section 11 Practices
Thursday 30 July, 14:00–15:15, Teams
During 2019, facilitated by Scotland’s Housing Network, four local authority members of the North and Islands Homelessness and Housing Options Hub worked with seven housing associations to develop enhanced practices around the serving of section 11 notices designed to avert evictions and prevent homelessness.

Members of SFHA and Scotland’s Housing Network are invited to attend this free online seminar to learn more about the experiences of the organisations that participated in the project and the practices that they will retain for the future.

During the online seminar, you will hear from representatives of the local authorities and housing associations that participated in the project about:

  • Their experiences of applying the project principles within their contexts
  • What they discovered to be the challenges and what worked best
  • What practices they will be retaining in their future management of threatened repossessions

Cost: Free.

Book your place via this link. 

Procurement for Senior Staff: What You Need to Know 
Wednesday 5 August, 10:3011:30, Zoom
Following on from the success of the procurement training last year, and SFHA's continuing partnership with SPA, we are offering free to attend procurement bitesize sessions to SFHA and SPA members.
At just an hour long, these sessions will cover various topics that will be relevant to all staff across the business.
First in the series is aimed at senior staff – what do you need to know about procurement?
The coronavirus crisis put a focus on the supply chain like never before and underscored the importance of effective procurement. As senior staff, what do you need to know to ensure you have an effective procurement strategy that adds value throughout your business?
Join Lesley Anderson, Head of Procurement at SPA, and a speaker from the sector for discussion via interactive chat and Q&A.
Cost: free.
Using Technology to Transform Your Assets with DtL Creative

Thursday 6 August, 11:0012:00, Zoom

Augmented Reality...I Have Enough Problems with Reality: How Technology Can Transform How We Manage and Maintain our Assets

With the world of social housing turned upside down due to Covid-19, we all wondered how we would continue to deliver property and people services in a new reality where human contact needed to be kept to a minimum. 

Many housing organisations turned to technology, with some brave souls venturing into the world of augmented reality or AR to support tenants and staff. 

This session will talk about what AR is, how these housing associations have used it effectively and how it can be used in the future. This technology presents exciting opportunities for social landlords and, best of all, you don’t need to be a techie to understand it – or, more importantly, to use it!  

This webinar is free.

Follow this link to book your place.

Heroic Masterclass Series

20 August, 27 August, 3 September, and 10 September, 08:30–‚Äč09:30, Zoom  

The coronavirus pandemic has placed extraordinary demands on you as leaders and your teams. As we start to come out of the crisis, and our organisations adapt to the new environment and new ways of working, great management and leadership is more important than ever, but setting aside time for leadership development can be difficult when you are busy running a business.
SFHA is working with the Rubicon Partnership to bring its Heroic Masterclass Series to members. These sessions have been designed to support chief executives and their leadership teams across the housing sector and will be led by Eleanor Cannon. Eleanor specialises in building organisational capability through the coaching and development of senior business executives and their teams.
The series includes:

20 August: Driving a Heroic Reputation
27 August: Heroic Possibilities
3 September: Heroic Millennials
10 September : Heroic Leaders' Emotional Resilience

These are small sessions, with a maximum of eight in each, and they will run from 08:30 until 09:30, so you can get on with your day.

Cost: There are four masterclasses in the series, and the cost is £75 per session. Sessions can be booked separately or you can attend all four sessions for £275.

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