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Updates from the community

ARK Housing

RT @DEScotTweets: ❗️A reminder that on Friday the use of face coverings will become mandatory in shops in Scotland❗️Disabled people shoul…

Cairn HA

@TCYJimB Thanks Jim - I'll make an edit to the article.

Albyn Housing

The Libertie Project are currently accepting referrals for digital devices, wellbeing packs for adults and activity… https://t.co/JVtJfFmgbz

Maryhill Housing

RT @NewThea: Just polishing off my @Canva presentation for Share Housing Associations members & associates...Looking forward to seeing @tra…

Gardeen Housing

https://t.co/T1azIIGOntRead the latest letter from the Minister for Local Government Housing and Planning on Covid -19

Cairn HA

The Housing Minister, Kevin Stewart, has published an open letter to all housing associations as landlords, like Ca… https://t.co/QpIddLXl7s

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart has written an open letter to social housing tenants to provide information and advi… https://t.co/C6BzdNJajb

Waverley Housing

Please click on the link below to see a short video clip illustrating how our plans for the regeneration of the Upp… https://t.co/davKvtg36v

Hebridean Housing Partnership

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning… https://t.co/Mhvz7rVUOm

Albyn Housing

Albyn is recruiting, for more information please see our website: https://t.co/VmQ1U4B6Ev https://t.co/ZQBPshY77D

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