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Open Space

Welcome to Open Space: a platform for the housing sector to share good practice, learning and ideas.

What is Open Space?

As part of its ongoing work to support the housing sector to respond to the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Social Housing Resilience Group, which is led by SFHA, has created an open access online platform to help organisations restart and re-design their services. 

Open Space will allow the housing sector to share existing examples of good practice as well as to test new ideas and find solutions to challenges.

Why should I get involved? 

Open space aims to facilitate collaborative learning and problem solving by sharing existing examples of good practice, ideas and solutions.

Sharing your own examples will help to develop this resource for the housing sector. 

Submit to Open Space 

Click Here or on the 'Submit Here' button above to share current good practice examples, a new idea, a goal or a challenge.

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