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Current Good Practice

The housing sector has responded well to the challenges of the current Covid-19 pandemic. This section comprises a collection of some of the best examples of how housing providers have quickly adapted and responded to the need of tenants, staff and the wider community by re-thinking existing services, developing new procedures, embracing digital technology and working in partnership with other organisations.

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Shared Examples

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Category: Allocating Homes

Description: The Scottish Government and COSLA have produced non-statutory guidance for local authorities, social landlords and private rented sector landlords to help them meet duties and legal requirements during the coronavirus pandemic. This includes a screening questionnaire, based on an example provided by the Wheatley Group, used to establish any risks when allocating properties to prospective tenants during the pandemic. It also includes a contactless lettings protocol, developed by CIH and a Welsh housing association.

Additional Information
COVID-19 Allocations Advice and Information for the Housing Sector

Scottish Government & COSLA


Category: Support for staff

Description: Link Group have been shining a light on individual staff as part of their Together We Change Lives project. This brings together five staff stories from across the group, detailing a range of working experiences in the post-Covid-19 world. The aim is to focus on celebrating staff efforts, good news and bringing people together in these uncertain times. 

Additional information and resources​: Additional information on this example can be found in this article 

Source: Link Group (Published as part SFHA's Sector News) 

Category: Support for staff

Description: CIPD have provided various coronavirus support materials including an interactive COVID-19 workforce planner. This provides a framework for exploring decisions around staff planning. 

Additional information and resources​: Interactive COVID-19 workforce planner 

Source: CIPD

Category: Safety Compliance

Description: ALACHO and Public Health Scotland have produced guidance and FAQs on safe working in void properties during the COVID-19 outbreak. This provides operational advice for use in designing and operating safe working procedures for returning both furnished and unfurnished voids to a lettable standard 

Additional information and resources​: Safe working in void properties during the Covid-19 outbreak 

Source: ALACHO and Public Health Scotland 

Category: Safety Compliance

Description: The Social Housing Resilience Group have produced a Guide to Restarting Services for the housing sector, focussing on re-opening housing offices and resuming visits to tenants. The guide contains extensive checklists regarding what your organisation needs to consider, ideas you can implement, useful links and examples, and a practical journey mapping tool that can be used to test re-designed services.

Additional information and resources​: Guide to Restarting Services

Source: Social Housing Resilience Group

Category: Communication with Tenants

Description: At Trust we have drafted and issued this guidance on the new Test & Protect programme to all our tenants who live in staffed developments to reduce the spread in the community by identifying cases of Covid-19.

Additional information and resources​: Test and Process Guidance

Source: Trust Housing Association

Category: Allocating Homes and Communication with Tenants

Description: Ardenglen Housing Association have created a Youtube version of the tenancy agreement with audio for prospective tenants to view before signing. This has helped us continue to let to homeless applicants during lockdown, minimising the risk to tenants and staff.  

Additional information and resources​: Youtube Tenancy Agreement

Source: Ardenglen Housing Association

Category: Allocating Homes

Description: Link Housing Association have developed a simple sign up process that can be used while social distancing rules in place. Both incoming tenants and staff are comfortable with the process and Link HA and the tenant has a signed copy of the agreement on the day of sign up

Additional information and resources​: Allocations and Viewing Covid-19 Procedure

Source: Link Housing Association

Category: Allocating Homes

Description: Sanctuary Housing have developed a virtual viewing of properties process for potential tenants and a new sign up process following recent events and guidance published by Scottish Government.

Additional information and resources​: 

Viewing Process

Sign Up Process

Source: Sanctuary Housing 

Category: Communication with tenants


A TIS, tenant study aimed to find solutions, and support housing organisations to deliver fit-for-purpose, strategic plans for long-term digital engagement.

Additional Information: Digital Engagement: A Study of Tenants

Source: Tenant Information Service (TIS)


Category: Community Engagement


Govan Housing Association has been operating it's own lending library for 3. During the pandemic it has been distributing almost 200 devices to local tenants and community groups.

Our Covid-19 response has seen 120 devices go to 10 passionate, third sector organisations to allow them to engage with their service users. These devices now belong to these organisations to operate how they best feel benefits their communities.

Additional Information: Scottish Housing News article

Source: Govan Housing Association


Category: Support for staff

Description: Muirhouse Housing Association has developed a new online portal for staff and board members which includes messaging as well as meeting and agenda features to help make communication as secure and seamless as possible. This allows board members to access the reports they need, instantly and efficiently, 24-hours a day, from anywhere. They can electronically annotate documents and share comments instantly and staff no longer need to compile, print and distribute significant quantities of paperwork.  

Additional information and resources​: Additional information on this example can be found on the SFHA Innovation Hub  


Source: Muirhouse Housing Association

Category: Tenancy Support

Description: Wheatley’s expert team of 22 welfare benefits advisers have shifted to home working in order to continue to offer support to tenants. Advisers have helped customers with Universal Credit claims as well as assisting with online appeals, setting up conference calls with the DWP, providing translation for Polish customers and using FaceTime to help customers make a Universal Credit claim online. 

Additional information and resources​: Additional information on this example can be found in this article 


Source: Wheatley Group (Published as part SFHA's Sector News) 

Category: Tenancy Support

Description: CIH has produced guidance for private landlords and letting agents in partnership with Homes for Good and the Scottish Association of Landlords. It sets out how landlords and letting agents can proactively support tenants to avoid rent arrears during the Coronavirus outbreak and therefore prevent evictions when temporary restrictions are lifted. 

Additional information and resources​:

Related resources: 

Source: Charted Institute of Housing

Category: Allocating Homes

Dutch housing association Qlinker currently uses digital technology to deliver customer services to prospective tenants. Tenants use the Qlinker app for all their interaction – from finding a new (or different) home, signing their contract, paying their rent and asking for maintenance or repairs.

Additional information and resources​:
Additional information on this example can be found on the SFHA Innovation Hub

Source: Qlinker

Category: Anti-social behaviour

CIH has produced guidance on how to tackle ASB during the Covid-19 crisis looks specifically at how tools and powers available to social landlords and their partners in England and Wales might be used. However, it contains some tips and principles that may also be helpful for landlords in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Additional information and resources​: 
COVID-19 Dealing with anti-social behaviour (ASB)

Source: Chartered Institute of Housing





Category: Communication with tenants

Description:Clarion Housing Group’s initiative Clarion’s young Community Ambassadors have designed and decorated the ‘happy pack’ bag filled with perishable items, puzzle books and a handwritten note. The bags have been delivered to elderly residents. 

Additional information and resources​: Clarion: Connecting through crisis

Source: Clarion Housing Group





Category: Communication with tenants

Description: Elderpark Housing have been working with Glasgow-based Target Applications Ltd - creators of “CX-Feedback” software. The application provides a range of information suitable for housing associations and other public bodies to help them gain a greater understanding of customer needs via new software which takes the form of a survey. The software works by sending surveys to tenants by text or email which they then complete online so that it provides an up to date snapshot of tenant opinion via dashboards and reports. For less digitally connected tenants the application also allows Elderpark to easily manage telephone and postal surveys to maximise inclusion amongst all tenants and report the results in one place.

Additional information and resources​: SFHA news article

Source: Elderpark Housing





Category: Community activites; communication with tenants

Description: Blackwood has provided its customers with tablets complete with accessible care technology and Wi-Fi access to help keep them more digitally connected, despite most being currently ‘shielded’ in their homes. It has already led to a remarkable 800% increase in the function that allows customers to contact friends and family.

Additional information and resources​: SFHA news article

Source: Blackwood





Category: Community activites

Description: Govan Housing Association have partnered up with Glasgow City Council, The Salvation Army, Govan Youth Information Project and Make & Grow to deliver a food initiative to try and ensure the community have access to daily food in Govan.

Additional information and resources​: Daily Food Service Poster

Source: Govan Housing Association, Glasgow City Council, The Salvation Army, Govan Youth Information Project and Make & Grow 





Category: Environmental services

Description: The Scottish Government and the Social Housing Resilience Group have provided advice and information for social landlords managing multi-storey and high-density flats during the COVID-19 health crisis. This includes cleaning and hygiene advice for multi-storeys and high-density flats as well as example posters and tenant communications provided by housing associations.

Additional information and resources​: Cleaning and hygiene advice for multi-storeys and high-density flats

Source: Scottish Government 





Category: Managing risk

Description: The Health and Safety Executive have provided general guidance on managing risks in the workplace. Their short guide explains how employers can protect people from coronavirus (COVID-19) in the workplace, for example by putting in place social distancing measures, staggering shifts and providing additional handwashing facilities.  The guide also includes links to including risks assessment templates and examples.

Additional information and resources​:

Working safely during the coronavirus outbreak

Example risk assessments

Source: Health and Safety Executive 




Category: Repairs; communication with tenants

Description: Kingdom Housing Association have been using augmented reality to minimise the need for staff to visit tenant properties. The technology allows a trades operative to be virtually present in a tenant’s home, to review any repairs or problems in real time using video technology on a mobile phone or tablet. They can then support and advice by having their hand superimposed on the scene in the tenant’s home. It is one of the first times this kind of technology has been used by a housing association in the UK and has been introduced through a partnership between housing consultancy DtL Creative and Swedish-based XMReality

Additional information and resources​:

Further information on this example can be found on the SFHA Innovation Hub

Source: Kingdom Housing Association




Category: Tenancy Support

Description: West of Scotland Housing Association has produced Financial Guidance for tenants. It offers general advice an overview of the support available. A Tenant Support contact form has also been included for those who wish to request further assistance.  

Additional information and resources​: Financial Guide

Coronavirus Tenant Support Contact Form 

Source: West of Scotland Housing Association





Category: Communication with tenants


Linstone Housing association made an incredible impact during Covid-19 supporting tenants. Attached details the support and services delivered by Linstone staff.

Additional Information: Response team impact

Source: Linstone Housing Association


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