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SFHA have been working in partnership with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) to develop the Housing Apprentice Action Plan for Scotland.

This 3 year plan (2017-2020) aims to promote and encourage Modern Apprenticeships in the housing sector. By working together with Housing Associations/Co-Operatives and Modern Apprentices across Scotland,  the plan aims to target future skill gaps by increasing the opportunity for the housing sector to become a sector of choice for young people looking for a career.

Modern Apprenticeships combine gaining an industry-recognised qualification with on-the-job experience, helping employers to develop their workforce by training new staff and upskilling existing employees. Whilst this plan primarily focuses on Modern Apprenticeships, SFHA also encourages members to consider other types of employment initiatives, such as; foundation and graduate apprenticeships, internships and work experience placements.


Further Info

In 2016 the Housing Apprentice Action Plan for Scotland was developed by SFHA and a collaborative group of sector partners who share a common goal of ensuring that the housing sector has the resources and investment for the future workforce. The plan details the actions needed at a national and local level to help ensure that the housing sector builds on the progress they have already made.

The plan aligns with the Scottish government’s commitment to growing and widening Scottish apprenticeships with the aim to increase equality and diversity in Modern Apprenticeship participation and address issues around gender, additional support and complex needs.


Arlene Robertson, Head of Corporate Services, Govan Housing Association (2016)

“Supporting Modern Apprenticeships is mutually beneficial for both the organisation and the young people. Young people bring a fresh vibrancy to our organisation. Whilst the process of supporting, mentoring and coaching, enhances the experience and skills of our existing staff. One of our key aims as an organisation is to play an active part in enhancing and developing our community. By employing local young people, we help develop life skills as well as providing an important and lasting career opportunity which in turn will benefit the local economic development of Govan.”

Paula Brownlie, Corporate Services Manager, Cassiltoun Group (2016)

“Modern Apprenticeships help to support one of our key regeneration aims which is to provide training and employment opportunities for the local community.”

Aileen Hall, Education and Development Advisor, Wheatley Housing Group (2016)

“Our MA programme helps the organisation ‘grow its own’ talent and also supports our young people who are furthest away from the jobs market gain work experience and nationally recognised qualifications.”

Matthew Baxter, Interim Facilities & Support Services Manager, West Lothian Council (2016)

“West Lothian Council has supported MA’s for a number of years and see it as a model to develop our workforce for the future whilst creating employment opportunities for the young people of West Lothian.”


By utilising our partnership with SDS, we have created Modern Apprenticeship guidance materials for housing organisations. We intend for this information to be easier to digest, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with the terms and workings of apprenticeships.

We Have created a working document to better explain what an apprenticeship actually means, the first steps to take in order to emply an apprenticeship as well aas explain the recruitment and application process. 

Click here to download the PDF

This resource details some crucial information in relation to funding an apprentice and should only be used as an aid to provide you with helpful information.

We have explained how the process works including who would potentially pay what as well as some additional information in order to begin the process.

Click here to download the PDF

Name of the apprenticeship/work related qualification. For example, ‘Business Admin,’ ‘Horticulture,’ etc. are all frameworks

Training/Learning Providers
Deliver Vocational education and training.

Graduate Apprentice (GA)
Work, receive a pay and achieve a degree. Learning on the job, but additionally a student at a university or college.

Modern Apprentice (MA)
Work, receive a pay and achieve an industry specific qualification.

Foundation Apprentice (FA)
For school pupils (16 and over). It counts as a subject choice and is the same level as a higher.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS)
National skills agency of Scotland. Formally Careers Scotland.

Sector Skills Council (SSC)
Employer led organisations that cover specific industries. SSC’s design frameworks.

Modern Apprenticeship Group (MAG)
Review and approved frameworks. Members include key stakeholders involved in the management and delivery of the Modern Apprenticeship programme in Scotland.

Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA)
Based upon national standards and provide evidence that learners can do their jobs well. Studied in the workplace, in college or with training providers, SVQs are available in many subject areas.

From Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Scotland’s national skills body. A website full of useful information for apprentices: www.apprenticeships.scot/

Our Skill Force
From Skills Development Scotland (SDS), Scotland’s national skills body. A website full of useful information for employers including funding methods and incentives: www.ourskillsforce.co.uk/

My World of Work
A quick guide to apprenticeships in Scotland. Find out what’s available, how to find one, and how to apply: www.myworldofwork.co.uk/getting-job/apprenticeships

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