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Increase your knowledge of mid-market rent

Get up to speed on the latest mid-market rent developments

27 March

COSLA Conference Centre, Edinburgh

The housing sector now has substantial experience of developing and managing mid-market rent. There appears to be significant demand for the product, and not just in high rental value areas, and homes developed for this purpose are meeting a real demand in the housing market place. 

With government challenging the sector to diversify its offering, what role does mid-market rent have in meeting the legitimate aims and objectives of RSLs? Come to the SFHA’s event on mid-market rent and get up to speed on the latest developments.

Key themes to be explored at the event include:

  • how can mid-market rent contribute to the supply of affordable housing?
  • If ‘Generation Rent’ is here to stay, how can the sector best serve in providing professional management and maintenance services, affordable rents, and high quality, energy efficient housing?

Don’t miss out, book a place via the SFHA website or contact events@sfha.co.uk or telephone 0141 332 8113