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Asset management is about ensuring that a landlord's homes are affordable and attractive to tenants and are financially viable in the medium to long term.

Managing assets is partly about investing in, maintaining and upgrading properties and partly about understanding the needs and aspirations of your customers.

A major part of asset management for housing associations and co-operatives is investing in energy efficiency in order to keep homes affordable and to comply with Scottish Government standards - firstly the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (which was to be met by 2015) and now the Energy Efficiency Standard for Housing (to be met by 2020).

Asset management includes a wide range of activities that housing associations undertake to ensure their homes are of good quality and are affordable to tenants.

Managing assets generally invovles building, managing, maintaining and investing in homes.

The SFHA supports ​members with asset management through regular Repairs and Maintenance Forums and annual Property Repairs and Maintenance Conferences.

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Policy Lead
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