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Improving the energy efficiency of existing homes is of increasing importance to housing associations and co-operatives.

Associations have a strong track record on energy efficiency and have the most energy efficient homes in Scotland. To meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard in 2015, housing associations and co-operatives have had to invest significantly in insulation, heating systems and renewables.

Continuing to invest in energy efficiency can be a challenge, with competing spending priorities such as investing in new build and mitigating welfare reform, and fragmented and changing sources of funding.

The SFHA ​supports ​members in relation to energy efficiency by publishing research and guides to assist members to invest in energy efficiency and renewables. The SFHA also ​represents ​members on the Existing Homes Alliance, an organisation  which lobbies for higher energy efficiency standards in existing homes and increased funding for efficiency.

Smart Meters

SFHA is a national partner with Smart Energy GB, the voice of the smart meter rollout. Smart Energy GB is working with SFHA and other national partners to help everyone in Great Britain understand

  • What smart meters are
  • The national rollout
  • How to use smart meters to get gas and electricity under control

Over the coming months SFHA and Smart Energy GB will continue to provide information on smart meters for members to communicate with tenants. Please feel free to use the downloadable leaflet (below) in tenant newsletters and help spread the message of smart meters.

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Policy Lead
Cassandra Dove

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