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Important update for Radio Teleswitching Service (RTS) tenants

Energy UK has confirmed that RTS will close down on 30 June 2025.
Energy UK has announced that the Radio Teleswitching Service (RTS) - which thousands of tenants use to take advantage of Economy 7 and Economy 10 electricity tariffs - will close down on 30 June 2025.
RTS relies on the use of the longwave radio frequency to transmit signals to RTS equipment, but this infrastructure is now coming to the end of its operational life. Previous arrangements had meant that RTS would continue until 31 March 2024, but the announcement confirms an extension until 30 June 2025.
The extension is intended to provide consumers with more time to move from RTS to smart meters. Consumers are being asked to contact, or respond to, their energy supplier as soon as possible to arrange a smart meter installation. However, we know that tenants in rural and remote areas have been experiencing long delays in receiving a smart meter, and some homes won't be suitable for a smart meter at all.
SFHA is engaging with both Energy UK and Ofgem to ensure that affected households receive clear information and are supported throughout this process. We are urging Energy UK and Ofgem to address installation delays and to provide much-needed clarity on alternative arrangements for those customers who will not be able to benefit from a smart meter.
An information sheet can be downloaded and shared with tenants using this link
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