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Hillcrest awarded £10,000 by Energy Action Scotland

Funds to supply targeted relief to 300 households across Dundee.

Hillcrest Housing Association has been awarded £10,000 by Energy Action Scotland to set up a scheme to help people who are in fuel poverty.

The Hillcrest Energy Advice Team (HEAT) will use the funds to supply targeted relief to 300 households across Dundee and the other areas Hillcrest operates in.

Hillcrest Energy Advice Officer Euan Hird said:

“HEAT already supports over 600 people each year, and this money will allow us to help even more people in need.

“We believe no one should have to choose between heating and eating, and we will use this funding to support individuals and families who are identified as being in crisis.” 

HEAT has been in operation since 2013 and, in that time, it has helped households to manage their energy bills, use energy more efficiently and to overcome fuel poverty.

According to the Scottish Government’s latest Scottish House Condition Survey, 748,000 households are in fuel poverty across Scotland.

Pictured: Euan Hird demonstrating a smart meter.