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The SFHA has in place two regional Finance Forums, where finance staff meet on a regular basis to discuss up to date policy and technical matters relating to their everyday work.   Most importantly, the forum offers an opportunity for finance staff to talk to other finance staff from other organisations, in order to share good practice experience and gain advice from experienced practitioners. 

SFHA has commissioned RSM to attend each forum meeting to provide an up to date overview on any technical finance matters arrising.   In addition to this, the finance staff from the Scottish Housing Regulator also attend each meeting to provide an overview of any pressing regulatory matters.  The forum also hear from regular guest speakers, identified by the group.

There are two regional finance forums:

  • East Finance Forum     

    • Meets four times a year at various locations in Edinburgh

    • The Chair of the Forum is Robin Nairn (Albyn Housing Society)

    • The Secretary of the Forum is Lorna Notman (Eildon HA)

  • West Finance Forum    

    • Meets 7-10 times a year generally on a monthly basis at SFHA office in Glasgow

    • The Chair of the Forum is Erica Davidson (Knowes HA)

    • The Secretary of the Forum is Bob Hartness (ng Homes)

If you would like to be included on the mailing list for these forums and attend meetings, or have any questions relating to either forum, please contact Shona Mitchell smitchell@sfha.co.uk


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Policy Lead
Shona Mitchell