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The Freedom of Information Unit in the Scottish Government outlined its intentions to consult on the extension of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 to housing associations and co-operatives in Scotland in Autumn of 2016, and this formal consultation was published on 1st December 2016.

The SFHA submitted its response to this consultation in March 2017 having consulted with its membership.   More details about the SFHA response are available in the article below (see here).   The full SFHA response will be made publically available on the Scottish Government website, and can also be found here: SFHA Response to Proposed Extension of FOISA to RSLs

The SFHA, in conjunction with GWSF, has produced guidance for its members about the kinds of information it is recommended organisations proactively make available through their websites.  'Open All Hours? A Model Publication Framework for Housing Associations and Co-operatives' is available below (see here).

The SFHA, also in conjunction with GWSF, commissioned research into the potential impact of extending FOI legislation to RSLs in Scotland.   This research was referenced in our response to the consultation.   More details about this can be found below (see here).

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