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Scottish Government Publishes FOI Consultation Responses

The Scottish Government has published the responses it received to its consultation on a draft order extending FOI legislation to RSLs.

SFHA has conducted a brief analysis of responses:

  • There were 33 responses in total (73 responded to the previous consultation on extension).
  • The majority of responses (20) were from RSLs or their representative groups
  • Of the other 13 responses: 5 were from tenant groups; 2 from pro FOI campaign groups; 3 from local authorities/community councils; one trade union (Unison); and one regulator (the Scottish Information Commissioner)
  • 11 of the responses (one third) agree with extension as proposed – although this is of course skewed by the number of RSL respondents
  • One tenant group was opposed to extension of FOI in general; and one local authority voiced concerns about the cost to tenants and the fairness of extending to factoring services.
  • Those opposed predominantly focussed on extension to subsidiaries, the time frame and extension to factoring.

All 33 responses are available on the Scottish Government website here:

FOI Consultation Responses