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SFHA Response on FOI Draft Order

The SFHA has submitted its response to Scottish Government on the draft order proposing extension of Freedom of Infromation legislation to RSLs and their subsidiaries.

SFHA received legal advice from TC Young Solicitors that underpins our response. We have asked Scottish Government:

  • That the draft order be significantly redrafted so that it only applies to functions of a public nature. This would explicitly remove commercial subsidiaries, and commercial functions provided by the RSL – such as factoring and care – from the terms of the order.
  • For a meeting between Scottish Government, SFHA and our legal advisors to discuss the legal advice we have received underpinning this response.
  • That the implementation date of the order – subject to the amendments highlighted above – be revised to April 2020.

The full SFHA response and accompanying annex is available in the downloads section to the right of this article, or by clicking on the links below:

SFHA Response to Draft Order Proposing Extension of FOI to RSLs (March 2018)

Annex 1 to SFHA Response - Legal Advice Received From TC Young (March 2018)