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SFHA Evidence Discussed at LGC Committee Prior to Approval of FOI Order

The SFHA Submitted evidence to the Local Government and Communities Committee regarding the order to extend FOI to RSLs, which is in the final stages of the parliamentary procedure.   Whilst no amendments could be made by the Committee at this stage, SFHA took the opportunity to highlight the aspects of the order that remain concerning - most notably the implementation date.

The Committee discussed these points prior to approving the order on 20 March 2018.   Whilst highlighting that the 11 November implementation date would remain, the Minister for Parliamentary Business and Veterans Graeme Dey MSP highlighted that his "ear would be open to any issues raised" during the implmentation period.

The SFHA submission to the LGC Committee is available in the downloads section to the right of this article.

The LGC Committee discussion can be viewed on Parliament TV here: 

LGC Committee Meeting 20 March Parliament TV

The official report of the meeting is available here .

Now the Committee has approved the motion, the order will be laid before Parliament for final sign off in late March/early April.   

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