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Update to Open All Hours available now

In 2016, SFHA and GWSF jointly commissioned Open All Hours – A Model Publication Framework for Housing Associations and Co-operatives.   The guidance was developed to provide guidance and recommendations about the range of information that should be readily available to tenants, customers and members of the public – especially through publication on websites.

An update to this guidance, reflecting the publication requirements under Freedom of Information legislation is now available to all SFHA and GWSF members.  

All Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) are required to produce a Guide to Information (GTI) detailing where all of the required information under the Scottish Information Commissioner’s (SIC) Model Publication Scheme is available.    

The guidance provides a Template Guide to Information that can be adapted by members as the basis for their own GTI.    This template has been developed with the support of the SIC, to ensure effective compliance with the MPS, making it an effective tool to achieve and demonstrate compliance with the duty to publish in FOISA.

The guidance is available in the downloads section to the right of this article.

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