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Strong governance is pivotal in housing associations and co-operatives, providing the strategic direction and leadership necessary to create a successful organisation. Within the Scottish Housing Regulator’s Regulatory Framework, it has outlined its Regulatory Standards of Governance and Financial Management, with which all housing associations and co-operatives must comply. Our members strive not only to meet these standards, but to exceed them.

The SFHA produces guidance, provides services and delivers a number of events each year, geared towards staff and governing body members, in order to give our members as much support as possible in this area.

The governing bodies of housing associations and co-operatives in Scotland are mostly volunteers with a broad range of skills and knowledge, who play a key role in the leadership of their organisations.  

SFHA has produced a suite of guidance for its members (available by signing in and looking at the downloads section below this article) through its Get Governance programme.  More details are available below.

SFHA members also have access to two forums in this area - our Governance Forum (for staff) and our Governing Body Members' Forum (for committee/board members).  Members of these forums attend virtual meetings on a regular basis to discuss governance issues with other peers from across the country.  


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