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SFHA Chairs' Forum

SFHA is setting up a Chairs' Forum, and is seeking volunteers to be a part of this.   The group is open to all Chairs and aspiring Chairs of housing associations and co-operatives in SFHA membership.

This group will act as a sounding board on all issues of interest and concern to Chairs for the mutual benefit of Chairs themselves and SFHA. Whilst most communication will be electronic (depending on preferences),  we will bring together a meeting of the group in October.  The focus of this meeting will be the regulatory framework review, and the content for the forthcoming SFHA Chairs' Conference in January.   

We have already received nearly 40 volunteers for the Forum from across the country.   If you would like to be a part of this forum, or think that your Chair might be interested, please get in touch with Alan Stokes astokes@sfha.co.uk



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