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SFHA Peer Support Network Pilot

SFHA is currently exploring methods to promote and facilitate further peer support within the sector.       

Peer support can take many forms, some of which SFHA already plays an active role in e.g. Forums & Conferences, offering the means to network with others from the sector.  

Other forms of peer support could include:

  • Providing advice on a specific issue
  • One to one meetings/conversations
  • Sharing good practice
  • Sharing learning from where things went wrong
  • Peer review
  • Mentoring

As a first step, we asked if any of our members’ CEOs might be interested in putting their name forward to be a part of a Peer Support Network pilot.    We are pleased to say that we have had an excellent level of volunteers, from a wide range of housing associations and co-operatives across Scotland.

At this stage, the Network is a list of volunteers that SFHA will hold so that if we are contacted by a member looking to get in touch with another member for advice/support - we will contact a relevant individual from the list to see if they would be able to help.  We will not put anyone in contact without first confirming with the individual on our list that this would be okay.

This is a very basic first step in establishing something that we hope to grow into a more comprehensive Peer Support Network.  At this point, we have only approached member CEOs to volunteer, but we are hoping to expand this further and into other roles depending on demand for this pilot.  Our expectation is that this would focus on Governance and/or regulation in the first instance, but again there is potentially scope to expand into other areas.

Please get in touch with Alan Stokes (astokes@sfha.co.uk or 0141 567 6080) if:

  1. You would like to volunteer to be a part of the Network and provide advice/support to other RSLs; or
  2. You would be interested in receiving advice/support from one of the members of our Network.
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