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SFHA Seeks Volunteers for Governance Tool Kit Working Group

SFHA Seeks Volunteers to feed into the development of its Governance Tool Kit

SFHA is always seeking to develop further guidance and resources for its members.   As part of this, SFHA is currently developing a Governance Tool Kit.   This will include not only written guidance and model policies, but will also include sources of peer support and directories of where organisations can seek consultative assistance.

SFHA is also considering developing a Code of Governance that all members would be able to sign up to, and use as self assessment tool moving forward.   

In order to further discuss such proposals and priorities for the Tool Kit, SFHA is seeking to put together a working group of members to feed into its production.   This will predominantly take the form of e-mail communication, but may also involve occasional meetings when the group would like to get together to discuss a particular issue/piece of guidance.  

More details about guidance already available from SFHA, and its work to date on developing the Tool Kit is available on the SFHA website here

There will also be an opportunity to feed in what you think the priorities should be for the Governance Tool Kit at SFHA’s Annual Conference on 1st and 2nd June.

If you would like to join the Working Group, or have any queries regarding the Tool Kit, please contact Alan Stokes astokes@sfha.co.uk 

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