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All housing associations and co-operatives are regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator (the SHR). The SHR’s Regulatory Framework outlines the powers and duties of the SHR, as per the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010. The SFHA liaises closely with the SHR and represents members’ views in responding to any SHR consultations or the production of any SHR publications.  

The SFHA has previously provided evidence to the Scottish Parliament as part of its ongoing scrutiny of the SHR, and will continue to do so to ensure regulation remains proportionate and effective. In this way, the SFHA â€‹represents the interests of members by working to keep regulation proportionate and effective.

Regulation ensures the excellent performance and reputation of housing associations and co-operatives in Scotland and provides assurances to tenants, service users and lenders. 



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Policy Lead
Alan Stokes

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