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Potential SFHA Governing Body Members' Forum and Conference

SFHA is keen to explore additional methods to directly reach governing body members (GBMs).  Their views would greatly benefit our consultation responses and much of the guidance we produce as part of our Get Governance offering would be enhanced with more GBM input.  

To this end, we are looking to gauge interest in SFHA forming a forum specifically for GBMs.  This would be similar to the Governance Forum in format.

Such a forum would provide those SFHA members who sign up with:

  • Regular virtual meetings with updates from SFHA and discussions on agreed topics
  • An opportunity to share good practice and discuss governance issues with other GBMs from across Scotland
  • Regular updates via a teams channel
  • An opportunity to shape SFHA guidance and consultation responses
  • An opportunity to shape the programme for an SFHA GBM Conference

Initially, we would propose that the group meet only twice a year – in recognition of the already significant demands on GBM’s time.  However, if there is demand we could look to make this quarterly in future.

If you are a GBM for an SFHA member organisaiton and would be interested in joining such a forum, please get in touch with me: Alan Stokes, Policy Lead.

If you are a staff member of an RSL, could you please forward this article to your GBMs. I would also welcome any views on the proposed format of the group.  Ideally, if we could receive expressions of interest before the next Governance Forum (28 Sept) that would be great.

In addition, SFHA used to run a conference specifically for GBMs.  As with the Governance Conference, this was a paid for event.  It ran in Jan/Feb each year and was very popular with GBMs, but it has not taken place since immediately before the pandemic in 2020.   We would also be keen to gauge interest in resurrecting this event in early 2024 and would welcome views of staff and GBMs on this.  The GBM Forum would also play a role in helping to shape the content of such a conference if there is demand for it.


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