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Governance and Regulation iconGovernance and Regulation / SFHA Governing Body Members' Forum


SFHA's Governing Body Members' Forum is available to SFHA members, and can be joined by any of their committee/board members.  

The forum meets (online) twice a year.  SFHA recognise the existing demands on govenring body members’ time, but this forum is hugely beneficial to members, including:

- Regular virtual meetings with updates from SFHA and discussions on agreed topics.

- An opportunity to share good practice and discuss governance issues with other committee members from across Scotland.

- Regular updates via a Microsoft Teams channel.

- An opportunity to shape SFHA guidance and consultation responses.

- An opportunity to shape the programme for an SFHA Governing body members' conference.

Click here to sign up to the mailing list for the SFHA Governaning Body Members' Forum 

Once you have joined the forum, you can then use the following link to register for the next meeting of the forum (these will be listed once dates are confirmed).

Click here to register for next meeting

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