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Housing and Independent Living iconHousing and Independent Living / Technology Enabled Care


Technologies such as telehealth, telecare, telemedicine, telecoaching and self-care apps have the potential to transform the way people engage in and control their own health amd wellbeing, empowering them to manage it in a way that is right for them.

This is often referred to as Technology Enabled Care - or TEC. Somtimes it is called Assistive Technology. 

Technology is evolving and organisations need to start thinking about how they will redesign their businesses to meet future digital and TEC demands from their customers.

The housing sector also have a role to play in supporting their customers and workforce to understand and make the most of TEC.

The SFHA supports members by offering training and guidance on TEC opportunities.

SFHA also hosts the TEC Ready programme, funded by the Scottish Government TEC Programme.

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